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3 Reasons to Tour Vancouver's Chinatown

February 28, 2018

Vancouver China Town


Vancouver is home to one of the largest Chinatowns in North America and goes back in history to the late 19th Century when thousands of Chinese immigrated to the city in search of jobs and better lives for themselves. Vibrant, diverse and with a rich cultural heritage, it is one of the more popular attractions in Vancouver, and tourists come here to experience its rich history and architecture, shop in the booming business district or simply partake of the various types of Chinese cuisine available at multiple restaurants, bars and cafes. Visitors often report a feeling of being transported to another country upon entering Vancouver’s Chinatown. In addition, the following are a few more reasons you should consider visiting this popular part of the city:

  1. The food experience - Vancouver DimSum Tour

Whether you are looking to take in some traditionally prepared dim sum, want to dine in a trendy bar or simply wish to purchase some ingredients for a home cooked Chinese meal, Chinatown has something for you. Traditional Chinese restaurants exist cheek by jowl with new uber trendy bars and cafes, along with a range of traditional markets stocking everything from chicken feet to exotic tea leaves. A tour of Chinatown should yield a plethora of delicious culinary delights, and provide you with an experience that will keep you returning here time and again.

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Vancouver Chinatown Food

  1. Parades and festivals

Chinatown hosts several events throughout the year to celebrate Chinese events and culture. These include: The Chinese New Year in February, the annual Vancouver Chinatown festival, tea ceremonies, talent shows, calligraphy exhibitions and many other events showcasing all aspects of Chinese culture. Visitors can expect access to a number of beautiful artefacts, state of the art electronics and a wide range of Chinese dishes prepared to tempt even the most discriminating of palates.


  1. All night festivities

Night owls will be glad to know that they do not have to limit their nocturnal activities while in Chinatown, thanks to the abundance of trendy nightclubs where you can dance the night away or simply relax with your cocktail of choice after a long day exploring the area. If partying is not your thing, you can still indulge your nocturnal urges by getting in some late night shopping at the Night Market.


Vancouver’s Chinatown is a great place for tourists to visit, offering up a plethora of activities in a culturally rich area steeped in history. Visit during the day for shopping or dining activities or make a night trip to enjoy all the trendy bars and clubs which are coming up to cater to the needs of people who enjoy the night life.

Chinatown Dimsum

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